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Top 4 Bitcoin Wallets

Hello Reader!
Coming to this Page, we assume you know what Bitcoin is, if you don't click here for detailed explanation, history and all about Bitcoins!
Who doesn’t know about Cryptocurrencies?
If you are one of those who has no clue regarding it, then my friend you are far behind in the digital era. People are looking for ways to invest as it’s a famous saying “Never rely on a single earning.” Cryptocurrencies has created a negative image in the user's mind since it leaves no trace of transactions and governments have no clue regarding the money is being generated and what is the actual source of income.
Bitcoins, if considered, face the same rejection, but many don’t know that its future prospects are bright and fruitful. Bitcoins currently are a game changer in the Cryptocurrency as its making headlines in the developed nations. Keeping that in mind Bitcoins have gained much attention from cybercriminals as 1 Bitcoin is equivalent to $6,488.09. Now imagine the amount of …

New design launched for Google Assistant

Material Design continues to gain presence in Android applications. Now it is the turn of Google Assistant, which launches a new design, which as you can imagine, has a greater presence of the principles of Material Design. What we find is a simpler, more minimalist and much cleaner interface in general.

Google Assistant launches a new designThe application of the assistant for Android phones adapts to the design that we are seeing in many Google applications. The company seeks to make the design of applications more uniform, something that is happening.
Google Assistant changes its designThe design that Google Assistant launches is cleaner in this case, besides being much more comfortable for users when using it. So it will allow you to move around in the application with much greater comfort at all times. You can access the various functions that it offers in a simpler way. Just access using the “Ok Google” command to see it.
This new interface is currently being deployed all o…


Hi Reader!
As we all know well that Data is and have always been a problem to us here in Nigeria, with all of these Network Service Providers (ISPs) extorting us and only God knows when that will stop, may be till our Government intervene, notwithstanding, MTN have roll out to give free 500MB to its Customers and here, I will put you through on how to get yours.
Visit Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iOS usersSearch for MyMTN App Click on it and InstallLaunch the App after installationWait for it to open, On the first page, MTN will request you to enter your Phone Number Input it in the box labelled "Enter phone number"(Note: Phone Number entered must be MTN Numberpress Proceed after that, an OTP (One of Time Password) will be send to that very number you inputted, copy it and paste in the box requesting for it in the next page (at times, the network automatically detects the message and proceeds automatically)Immediately after inputting the …


Have you being trying all possible best to ROOT your Phone but to no avail? If yes, then this is the right place for you to learn this..  With these easy steps, you would get your Android Phone Rooted cleaned!
Before that, make sure that:* Your Phone is charged upto atleast 55%* Make sure your PC is charged and plugged (if not charged)If you have gotten all those things ready then you are good-to-go.....


Windows 10 Installation Guide

Want to install Windows 10 on your own PC? We’ve got you covered with the instructions, although it’s just like installing any other version of Windows.

UPDATE! If you want to clean install Windows 10 instead of just upgrading, you can follow our new and updated guide to clean installing Windows 10. We definitely recommend going that route.